…So why blog?

by Increase M

Why bother with anything when there are cats in baskets with their paws crossed?

Obligatory “so why are you doing this???” post.

1. Because I have shit to say.

2. Because I have shit to say about stuff that doesn’t necessarily have to do with my academic writing.

2b. Because I have shit to say about my academic interests that doesn’t necessarily fall into the        PEERREVIEWRESEARCHPAPERARTICLECHAPTER format that I know and love.*

2c. It will benefit my academic writing if I write more. Full stop. Even if it is just jibber-jabbering about my garbage-cats on the internet.

2d. I have a deep, long-standing interest in public history. Specifically in how to convey complex, multi-faceted ideas to a lay-public. Not that I think I could necessarily convey a complex, multi-faceted idea to a puddle of mud**, but it can’t hurt to try. My cats aren’t any the worse for it.

3. As a hobby, since I have none.

4. The cash monies.***

*Truth. I wouldn’t joke about serious bidnezz.

**Not the mid 2000’s “rock” band. Apparently Puddle of Mudd was formed in part thanks to Fred “like a chainsaw, I’ll skin yer ass raw” Durst. Apparently the lead “singer”, Wes “I love the way you smack my ass” Scantlin gets pissy if you ask him about it, so cut it out, guys. Side note: aren’t you glad all the sad parts of the music business hang out together? Also source, because I’m a historian and we believe in CREDIT.

*** LOL